We are so excited! Our Bristol Trailhead is now open!

After many months of construction, the Bristol Trailhead opened on Saturday, June 4. What an appropriate opening day as it was National Trails Day! What better way to celebrate than to visit the Mendota Trail on National Trails Day?

Many improvements took place during this construction period. Most were in areas such as improved drainage and not visible. However, there ARE visible improvements–primarily the 0.4 of asphalt trail that is ADA accessible with accompanying new ramp and steps. The rest of the Mendota Trail remains a natural surface.

Below is an arial photo of the parking area which now includes a “turnaround”. Other improvements are in the planning stage–there’s definitely more to come. At the present, however, we are happy that we can offer a good place for guest parking when visiting our Bristol end.

And check out that 0.4 mile of asphalt that makes this section of the Mendota Trail accessible for everyone. As I look at this photograph on a hot summer day, I’m grateful the Mendota Trail offers this nice, shady space.

We greatly appreciate the City of Bristol providing these nice signs (below) that direct guests toward the Mendota Trail. When they first were installed over a year ago, we were so excited! My first siting was near what is now the Bristol Casino. I felt like the Mendota Trail had “arrived!”

The opening of the Bristol Trailhead is just one of many good things happening for the Mendota Trail. The summer of 2022 is going to be exciting! While we do not yet have a specific date, we’ll be opening more miles as the Mendota Trail travels up the beautiful gorge. “Chug..chug..chug…just like the Southern Railways train of yesteryear, we are working hard to get up that gorge!!

Our story started 25+ years ago. If you have followed for a portion of that time, you know that the Mendota Trail is made up of dream chasers and miracle makers! We are now seeing the results of that dream called the Mendota Trail. We thank you for supporting our trail. Whether you support it with dollars, donated time, spending time on the trail or talking it up to others — you are part of the dream.

Keep believing. There’s more to come!

Submitted by Eva Beaule, Mendota Trail Volunteer