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The Trail Needs You

We need enthusiastic people to aid our efforts in the areas of:

  • Grant Writing
  • Trail Clearing & Maintenance
  • Newsletter & Correspondance
  • Publicity/Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning

If you’d like to volunteer,  please send an email to:

Make a Donation

You can make a donation now via Paypal by pressing the button below.

Deliver donations to:
Mountain Sports, LTD.
1061 Commonwealth Ave. | Bristol, VA 24201

Mail Donations to:
Mendota Trail Conservancy Inc.
PO Box 1322 | Bristol, VA 24203

*NOTE: Make tax-advantaged checks payable to Mendota Trail

What Has Been Accomplished?

Trail Benefits: Upon completion, this trail will improve the quality of life in our community and be a potential driver of local economic development. It will offer a venue to enjoy nature and engage in active pursuits which will benefit physical well-being. Adjacent property values will be enhanced. We have been exclusively supported by private donations and have remained diligent stewards of these gifts. These funds have been used for:

Surveying & Engineering Studies

Repair work on trestles

Obtaining necessary permits

Erecting signage for the trail

Legal research

Opening the first mile on the Mendota, Virginia end on October 9, 2017

Opening 3.1 miles on the Bristol, Virginia end on August 16, 2019

Completion of a “high trestle” (40 feet above Abrams Creek and 193 feet long) in Benhams on November 13, 2020

Opening 2 additional miles on the Bristol end from Reedy Creek Road to Benhams on November 13, 2020

Opening 1 additional mile on the Bristol end with completion of Benhams Crossing Trestle and  the scenic “Cut” resulting in a total of 6.2 miles on July 16, 2021

Mendota Trail Merchandise

All profits from Mendota Trail merchandise go to support the Mendota Trail. At present, there are two sites where merchandise may be purchased–(1) Mountain Sports, Ltd in Bristol, Virginia and (2) The Store in Mendota, Virginia. There are two sticker designs available at $5 each. Tell the world you are a Mendota Trail supporter! Wear a Mendota Trail t-shirt now available at Mountain Sports, Ltd., in Bristol, and The Store in Mendota for $25. Wear our t-shirt and help progress the Mendota Trail! Pictured below are our newly designed t-shirts for 2021 in blue or green. We love them and hope you do, too!

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Rules for Mendota Trail Use

Only officially announced portions of the trail are open to the public; the rest of the corridor is closed due to dangerous conditions; non-permitted usage is solely at the user’s own risk. Open dawn to dusk. No trespassing on the adjacent private property. No motorized vehicles. No hunting or discharge of firearms. No animals other than leashed non-vicious dogs; dog waste must be disposed of properly. Minors must be accompanied by adults. TRAIL USERS DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK AND BY USING THE TRAIL WAIVE ALL CLAIMS OF INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE AGAINST THE MENDOTA TRAIL CONSERVANCY, INC., ITS AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, EMPLOYEES, CONTRACTORS, BOARD MEMBERS, AND REPRESENTATIVES.