In the community of supporters of the Mendota Trail, we like to suggest that folks “wander where the wi-fi is weak!”   In a world where we are plugged in much of the time, it is good for the soul to seek quiet time in nature.   The Mendota Trail fits this need perfectly. 

It would be easy to think of time spent on the trail as only a warm-weather activity.  I encourage you to think otherwise. 

During a recent snowfall, I visited the Mendota side of the trail early in the morning.  The air smelled clean and crisp.  The heaviness of even the mere inch of snow we experienced made the world quiet, and my breathing and boots crunching on the snow were the only sounds.   Step. Crunch. Breathe.   

Prior to my walk, I’d been thinking of something…annoying. Yet in just a few minutes, I was happy. Walking on the Mendota Trail is a good thing — even when it’s cold!

Hope to see you on the Mendota Trail!